September 19, 2017

More than an Adventure: Introducing Jada

By Lydia Gingerich

“I have a deep passion to join the fight against the injustices in this world, and to bring God’s healing to victims of sex slavery.” As one of the largest centers of human trafficking, Bangkok is the perfect place for Jada to participate in this work. Jada joins RMM’s team in Thailand and will partner with a local organization that aids in the liberation and recovery of those wounded by the slave industry.

Jada, raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, was exposed to many countries and cultures through her mother’s work as a flight attendant. As Jada grew older, she learned about the reality of human slavery that exists not only in countries far away, but also in North America. She was filled with a desire to help these vulnerable people be released from the grip of those who are treating them not as people, but as a means to make money.

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September 14, 2017

Something Old, Something New: A REACH Update

By Edith, REACH Team Himalayas

The 2017-18 REACH participants are now three weeks into discipleship training school (DTS) at the Rosedale International Center (RIC). Every week one member from each team writes a blog post about the week.

The RIC hasn't changed much in the four years since I attended City Challenge. The entrance is the same, the rooms are the same, the face of Kevin Mayer, SEND Director, is the same (aside from a few extra gray hairs). It's familiar with good, old memories from the days when I was fifteen.

Everything else, however, is new and different. Aside from one, all of the REACHers are people I've never met before. Life is schedule – outreach, life groups, service projects, recreation, and sessions. Sometimes I catch myself wondering what I'm doing here, but then a letter from my church family arrives; or my team leader says one of his perfect one-liners and we're rolling on the floor; or I am out on the street, surrounded by my team and praying for a lady whose husband is in jail and seeing her wipe her eyes as she walks away, and I know why I'm here.

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September 12, 2017

Saying Goodbye to SEND Program Facilitators

By Lydia Gingerich

If you were involved in REACH, City Challenge, or a SEND internship the past four years, you probably know Brian and Brittany Troyer. This couple was and is highly instrumental in implementing all of those programs, and SEND Ministries has been blessed with two wonderful people as program facilitators. While Brian and Brittany truly enjoy their job and community in Columbus, they plan to move back to Hartville, Ohio, at the end of the year and get involved with their home church and community. They also feel called to expand their family through foster care and adoption. Currently, they have one son, Malachi, and they are excited to begin the process of welcoming more children into their home and family.

Brian and Brittany give much energy and love to the work they do, and it is greatly appreciated by their colleagues. Colleen Maust, director of human resources for Rosedale Mennonite Missions (RMM), observes that they “mentor, challenge, teach, encourage, and even have to act as substitute parents at times – running people to the Emergency Room and comforting those in emotional distress.” She realizes that they have carried heavy burdens and lots of stress over the past few years, but they always seem to remain calm and trust God.

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Job Opening: SEND Ministries Program Facilitator

SEND Ministries, the youth ministry branch of Rosedale Mennonite Missions, has an opening for either a couple or a person who exhibits passionate energy and thoughtful counsel to engage young men and women in their pursuit of drawing closer to Jesus. The Program Facilitator(s) not only function as the house parents at the Rosedale International Center, but also provide support and leadership to the various programs of SEND Ministries. This is a full-time, salaried position. All applicants must apply by the end of October.

For more information please contact Myron Sommers at

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August 24, 2017

My Passion

By Wyatt*

Wyatt is joining RMM’s team in North Africa with a desire to see the church established among those who have not yet heard the Gospel. During his initial phase, he is pursuing different opportunities for future work while studying the local language and culture.

My passion is simply this: I hold Scripture as authoritative in my life and Jesus says "go." It is not just something he throws in with all the other teachings, it is the Great Commission. I choose to obey that command because my passion is to know that I have given everything for his glory. Revelation 7:9 says that those from every nation, tribe, people, and language will be glorifying him around the throne, and there are thousands of people groups who have yet to hear of salvation through Christ. The Great Commission was not just for the original apostles, it is for us as well. These are the passages that drive me to share Christ in a place where he is not known.

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August 23, 2017

Religion in Context: Exploring Viable Forms of Christianity in East Asia

By Lydia Gingerich

Everything we do is covered in culture: the way we wash our hands, what time we eat meals, and even what we eat for those meals. Each part of the world has developed a way to execute daily tasks, providing comfort through ritual. But what if we were told we must change these basic practices in the name of religion?

“In Buddhist culture, the first forty days after death is a time of high importance, that person’s spirit is still in limbo before going to the next body,” report William and Rebecca,*RMM workers in East Asia. If family members do not perform the correct rituals, or if they do not take the first forty days seriously, it shows a lack of care. Many generations later, a family will still be judged for the way they handled those days. In the midst of this cultural practice, East Asian believers are trying to understand their responsibility as both followers of Christ and participants within their communities.

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August 17, 2017

I Love You, I Care About You, I Want You Here – Adoption, Foster Care, and the Heart of God

The Church: Looking after Orphans

by Lydia Gingerich, RMM staff writer

In the last five months, a commitment and drive to care for orphans has developed at Bethel Mennonite Church in Sarasota, Florida. Members are signing up to care for, pray for, and parent the many children in their county who are in the foster system. This ministry is so new that it does not yet have a name, but to sum up the vision of this movement, Senior Pastor Shawn Otto referenced James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

When Shawn preached on this verse in December 2016, he presented the serious need for Christians to live out this call. While adoption and foster care can be exhausting, we have a God who is the perfect source of strength and inspiration. “God’s greatest demonstration of care for orphans is in his care for us—as spiritual orphans.” Shawn believes that in light of the way our Father has reached out to us, “the church ought to be at the forefront of orphan and widow care.”

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August 10, 2017

CMC Annual Conference Recap: John Stahl-Wert & Missions Day

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the course of three sessions, John Stahl-Wert explored how great leaders build high-performance cultures, focusing on defining purpose, promoting values, and discovering identity. Stahl-Wert looked at the nature of the Kingdom and the nature of the King, urging his audience to follow the example of God’s design to “move in and through a people to accomplish his purposes.”

Stahl-Wert started on Saturday morning by talking about our purpose as followers of God: to be a blessing to the nations. God’s desire is to see the nations be blessed by him, and he created us to be “an instrument of himself in the world.” Our Great Leader knows the importance of giving people a direction to walk in, and as leaders we can do the same. Stahl-Wert observed that in high-performing cultures (whether that be churches, companies, conferences, etc.), “Everyone understands why their work matters.” As Christians, God has made it clear that our purpose is to be a reflection of his light in the world. Have we made it clear to those we lead what their purpose is as a member of the group?

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CMC Annual Conference Recap: Taste of Missions

By Lydia Gingerich

A potato omelet, a little manchego cheese, and an olive combined to make a tasty example of a Spanish tapa at Rosedale Mennonite Mission’s (RMM) Taste of Missions program. In Spain, friends and family gather in restaurants, living rooms, and parks to share an assemblage of dishes in endless varieties of flavor. Similarly, Taste of Missions is designed to bring people together and experience a few different “flavors” of RMM. As many CMC members contribute to this work through prayer, encouragement, and financial support, RMM is pleased to share what is going on beyond our home congregations.

RMM launched their program by recognizing and thanking those involved in both the Ride for Missions and Rosedale Missions Cruisers. Andrew Miller, director of partner development, took a moment to specifically thank Wayne Yoder as he concluded the eleven years of service he has provided as the coordinator for the bike ride. Wayne shared that for him the ride has been like an unconventional church – as a group with various pains comes together and supports each other in a therapeutic way.

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August 09, 2017

The First Will Be Last

Written by Esta Felder

This play was performed at Taste of Missions during Conservative Mennonite Conference’s Annual Conference 2017. Esta Felder,* an RMM worker in the Middle East, writes and directs dramas that are performed live as well as filmed and broadcast on the only full-time Christian television station in the Middle East.

Old Woman
The doorkeeper stands center stage. An old woman with a cane slowly makes her way toward the entrance.

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August 04, 2017

My Field

By Eugene,* RMM worker in North Africa

This month marks half a year in North Africa for Eugene, Katrina,* and their two children. Eugene shares about getting to know their city and seeing God at work in it.

On a cool January day in Pennsylvania, I had stood in my doorway looking out across the empty farmland, and I had wondered what field (neighborhood) God was going to place me in. Just as the field in January was waiting for spring to arrive and for the farmer to come plant, I knew God had a field that was waiting for me.

Jump six months ahead. I am now standing in my field. The field is a city in North Africa, and as I walk through my field I am getting to know its type of soil. In my field I have young people who are desperate for a new start. They come from all over the southern end of the country to a university. They come with the dream of studying and then making a life for themselves. This makes my field very full and busy. Café’s with free internet are always filled with these young people studying or just hanging out. Two of those young people have graduated from the university in the last few years and are looking for work, but in the meantime are tutoring Katrina and myself. Both are bright and very helpful. We are thankful for their willingness to come teach us.

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July 16, 2017

Soccer and Prayer: Introducing New Workers in Spain

By Lydia Gingerich, RMM staff writer

A young boy and his friends huddled behind a concrete building, hoping to evade the enthusiastic Christian walking down the street. They hated when the evangelicals started talking to them about heaven, hell, Jesus, and Salvation. Like most people in Honduras, Rolando’s family was Catholic. They went to mass and said the prayers, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Christians. The kids breathed a sigh of relief when the loco evangelist walked by without noticing them, allowing them to continue their soccer game in peace.

Around this same time and 1,500 miles north of the street soccer, a young Mennonite girl got into the car with her mom to attend another revival meeting. Lately her mother had been quite enthusiastic about her faith and Andrea was hearing a lot more about Jesus and his love. Andrea could feel that love inside of her and she enjoyed going with her mom to these meetings. She wished that everyone could know the joy of Jesus’ love.

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